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Contemporary Indian Art

Contemporary Indian Art strives to amalgamate the centuries old Indian traditions of painting & sculpture with contemporary thought. Arpana Caur’s work falls into this category of rootedness and contemporaneity which gives a different edge to Contemporary Indian Art and her own work.
Being very conscious of inheriting a very old culture Arpana wanted to integrate it into her work from the very beginning almost 4 decades ago, the abstraction within the figure, the gemlike colours of Indian miniatures, the liberty with perspective. If she takes a myth she contemporaries and universalises it. Her concerns range from issues of environment, violence, urbanization to spiritual quests. No wonder a dozen major museums in the world, and all Museums of Contemporary Indian Art in her own country, have acquired her works. In the last twenty years several M.Phils and PhDs have been done on her work in the context of Contemporary Indian Art.