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About Academy

To facilitate its manifold activities in literature and fine arts, the Arpana Studio runs Arpana Fine Arts Gallery (named after Arpana Caur, an internationally renowned artist and daughter of Ajeet Cour) within its premises. The gallery has a large spacious gallery in which the paintings of eminent and young artists are exhibited. While there are many galleries in Delhi which cater to the needs of the well-heeled, Arpana Art Gallery provides space to the young and the upcoming artists besides the well-established ones. It also provides space, from time to time, to the works of the socially marginalized sections of society (Dalits & tribals etc.) as also the physically challenged. Thus alongside the exhibition of well-established artists like Hussain, Souza and Raza, we can see the exhibitions held by young and upcoming artists, socially disadvantaged or physically challenged groups and socially and politically committed organizations in Arpana Fine Arts Gallery. The Academy charges only nominal electricity charges from these groups and not even these mostly. It also provides moral and social support to help them sustain their personal and social struggles. With Arpana Fine Arts Gallery as its nucleus, the Academy also provides support to craftsmen engaged in traditional crafts by constantly buying works and giving scholarships. In this way too, art is taken out from the cocoons of the elite and linked with the traditional folk and tribal arts which continue to be vibrant living traditions in India. The academy houses 3 Museum open to the public from 9 to 7 daily.

Museum of Arpana’s work of different period.
Museum of Folk & Tribal arts housing 1000 paintings and sculptures, these include Sikh, Pahari, Rajasthani, Kashmiri, Company and Mughal schools. (Linked to the image page).
Museum of miniature paintings, registered and restored, housing about 300 works. (Linked to the image page).

The latter two have been documented in book form (about 300 pages each) by the titles “The Magic Makers” and “Magic of Indian Miniatures” (available at the Academy). Authored by P.C. Jain and Usha Bhatia.

Other Publications of the Academy include a quarterly journal ‘Beyond Borders’ and several books on SAARC literature. There have been several Conferences of SAARC Writers since 1987 under its Foundation of SAARC Writers and Literature. There is a free Library and Reading room open to all.